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NO) I_m NO, welcome to Naked News Our top story today is the spanking Media tycoon Rupert Murdock received by British lawmakers. This is your News Off The Top. The British committee leading the News of the World phone hacking inquiry has determined that media mogul Rupert Murdoch is quote not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company. In their scathing new report, the MP_s say that Rupert and his son James exercised a willful blindness to the corruption. The report also goes on to accuse parent company News International of trying to buy silence to make the problem go away. The committee_s ruling could see Murdoch forced to give up one of the most valuable assets in his media empire: his controlling shares in British Sky Broadcasting.Elsewhere in Europe and beyond, marches and demonstrations took place in celebration of May Day, or, as it_s more officially known, International Workers Day. Eila Adams has been following all the May Day celebrations and joins us now with the story. EA) Thank you Natasha. Thousands of people attended rallies in Greece, Spain, and Portugal to support workers rights and protest harsh austerity measures. All three countries are riddled with serious debt and unemployment problems. Fortunately, the demonstrations were mainly peaceful. Over in North America, the Occupy Movement looked to rejuvenate itself by setting up a pop-up encampment in a New York City park, as a symbolic gesture to their former stronghold on Wall Street. Things weren_t as peaceful in San Francisco, where it_s believed members of Occupy Oakland smashed store windows, and vandalized a number of automobiles.EA) And concern in Europe is growing over the alleged ill treatment of imprisoned Ukrainian opposition leader and ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Photos of Tymoshenko recently surfaced online, showing bruises on her body that she claims were inflicted by prison guards. Tymoshenko is currently fighting a 7-year sentence handed down for abuse of office and tax evasion. EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding will boycott the upcoming Euro soccer tournament in Ukraine. Five European Presidents are also boycotting a summit there scheduled for next month Natasha.NO) What_s the Ukrainian government saying about all the criticism Eila?EA) Well according to one official, Tymoshenko_s bruises were self-inflicted. The government is adamant that they haven_t laid a finger on her. NO) No surprise there. And what_s this I hear about a hunger strike?EA) That_s right. Tymoshenko_s reportedly in very poor health. She claims to have a herniated spinal disc and has stopped eating, demanding that she receive medical treatment abroad. She_s even refusing to attend her upcoming trial, which is scheduled for later this month. NO) Definitely not the kind of publicity the Ukraine wants, especially with hosting duties of a major sporting event on the horizon. Keep us up to date on how this progresses Eila. NO) We_ll get back to Eila for more headlines shortly. In the meantime, Peyton Priestly_s got the Status Update coming up and I hear it_s more good news for Facebook.Nat, Facebook_s IPO is just a few weeks away, so they_ve amended their filing to update their numbers to make them more accurate. And when you HEAR those numbers, you won_t believe it. Every time you think they can_t get any bigger, they shock you I_ll have some of the most astonishing figures later in the Status Update Back to you, Nat.NO) Thank you Peyton, Facebook_s numbers never fail to astound me. Now, before we Update your status, we_ll set our gaze on the Hollywood Hills. The daughter of two showbiz icons has found herself in some VERY serious trouble. With the full details and so much more, here_s Rachelle Wilde in Entertainment.
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