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доп поле скриншотов Wednesday May 2, Wednesday May 2, 2012

RW) Hello and welcome to Naked News, I_m RW. President Obama surprised just about EVERYONE with an overnight trip to Afghanistan on Wednesday. He was there to sign a new agreement between the two countries as well as make an important speach to the american pubic from Bagram (BAG-rum) Air Base. Eila Adams has this breaking story as well as other news making headlines today.EA) Rachelle, President Obama pulled a fast one, and showed up unannounced in Afghanistan. Just about everyone was stunned, including the military and the media. It was all part of his master plan though because he was there to announced a new agreement between the two countries.He committed to pulling 23-thousand troops out of the country by the end of this summer. He also claims that he would stick to the deadline of turning security completely over to the Afghan government by 2014. Obama insisted the US would not be building permanent bases or patrolling the country. This is his third visit to Afghanistan since taking office, and it coincides with the 1-year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden.A Bosnian immigrant has been convicted of plotting to bomb the New York subway system. Adis Medunjanin (ah-DEES meh-doo-jah-NEEN) was recruited by al Qaeda to perform the suicide mission with two co-conspirators. Unfortunately for him, the 2 other men testified against him, revealing just how close they were to pulling the plot off. They apparently targeted the subway because it represented the heart of everything in New York City. It took less than 2 days for a jury to find him guilty of numerous terror charges, including conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. Medunjanin faces life in prison when he_s sentenced on September 7th. In another bombing plot - this one home-grown - 5 men were arrested for planning to blow up a Cleveland-area bridge. The FBI caught the men - some of whom are self-described anarchists - in a sting operation. They say that nobody was ever in any danger, since the C4 the plotters bought was inert and controlled by an undercover agent. The group also allegedly conspired to topple financial institution signs on top of high rise buildings. Rachelle the suspects are being charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosives, back to you.RW= NN Wall, RW) Was there any sort of MOTIVE mentioned Eila? EA) Not REALLY, from what we can tell so far, they were trying to lash out against big corporations.RW) Do we know if they_re part of the Occupy movement?EA) Apparently not. Occupy Cleveland say that they were shocked by the allegations and reiterated that that the Occupy movement is committed to non-violence.RW) Allright then thanks Eila, don_t go to far, we_ll be back with you in a moment.EILA WAVES IN SPLIT-CUT TO FULL SCREEN RACHELLERW) The run up to the US presidential election is always full of twists and turns so it_s a good thing we_ve got Victoria Sinclair to help straighten things out. She_s up next with her Power Play segment to tell us what sort of conditions two of Mitt Romney_s former rivals say they want in order to endorse him.
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